Fast Classes That Grow Your VA or Virtual Professional Business
What You Need to Know To Rapidly Build a Profitable Work-From-Home Business.
You're Done With $20 per Hour VA Work.
You're Done with Cheapskate Clients.
You Know You're Worth So Much More.
Fast Track Your Business Growth With These Online Trainings.  Designed to be FAST and EFFECTIVE to match your busy work and family life.


High Dollar Virtual Work Finder

Where are those projects and clients hiding that can bring you steady income at a more than fair rate?

You don't have to be stuck doing heavy social posting and pinning for peanuts. 

And you don't have to spend all day building your brand and getting your name out there in noisy Facebook Groups 

(Here's a hint:  people who pay well for virtual professionals aren't hanging out in free Facebook groups!)

With the right skills and job searching, you can sniff out those clients who are profitable in their business and seeking high caliber team members to join them.

In this 90 minute video training we will cover:
Where to look for clients who will pay $500 - $1000 / month for ongoing work
What projects have the best potential to become long term client relationships
How these clients are finding their next Virtual Professional
My private list of the programs / groups / businesses to network and find this kind of work


Rapid Skill Development for High Dollar VA Work

VA's!  You CAN double your hourly rate in just a few months when you focus on learning the right skills.

Isn't that an amazing opportunity?   Very few industries can make that claim.   

The online marketing world changes so rapidly.   The #1 skill I hire for on my team is the ability to be a fast learner. ​​​​

It's been a strength of mine for my entire life and in this training, I'm going to show you the hacks and short cuts to rapidly developing your high dollar VA skills.....and being able to demonstrate that to your prospects.

You will learn in this 90 Minute Video Training:

The exact skills you need to have listed on your VA services page for high dollar work
The best free trainings to find online that will boost your resume and your experience
My method to do hands on work that builds my experiences, portfolio and gives me CONFIDENCE in performing these skills for others
How to anticipate the market needs and stay ahead of your clients and prospects on learning the next big thing
Who are these FAST CLASSES for?   
Busy women like you who are building or running a VA or Client Service Business (web designer, copywriter, graphic designer, social media manager) and .....
Have limited time or budget
Wanting more revenue and higher profit
Doubting your skills or ability and wanting to reinforce your confidence
Select one class, or both!


High Dollar Virtual Work Finder

  • 90 Minute Video Training
  • Workbook to guide you through the key content
  • Lifetime Access


Rapid Skill Development for High Dollar VA Work

  • 90 Minute Video Training
  • Workbook to guide you through the key content
  • Lifetime Access
Led by Lori Mercer
Business Owner.  Non-profit founder.  Mom of 4.  20 year corporate escapee.

Lori's strengths in business strategy, technology and online marketing match to her giant heart for women in business who juggle family and crave flexibility.

Lori pours out mind-blowing business insight in a way that matches all of our needs for efficiency and focus in our family-friendly businesses.

This is not a regret that you just wasted money on another promised online business success.

This is where we do the hard work together.  We learn rapidly with the shifting market.  We talk about the hard stuff no one else is talking about.  And we use our wisdom to build a sustainable, profitable business.